Assessing Your Web Activity

Protecting the network at a company is a very complex process that involves many steps. You are going to have to figure out any holes that may exist in your current operation and you will have to plug those holes – so to speak. And sometimes it helps if you have a way to see what is going on with your network. That is why the Sophos secure web gateway and similar products are becoming so popular. They will show what is happening with your network at a given moment, allowing you to conduct better analysis. When you can analyze properly, the actions you take will be more effective.

Sophos secure web gateway

In terms of web security, there are so many phases to the process. You have to make sure that you are protected from outside threats. There are many viruses and malware attacks that can have an impact on a company. Not to mention DDoS attacks that can impact a website or e-commerce portal. But it is about more than such protections. You also have to look at what is happening on the inside. Many companies do not even realize they are more vulnerable internally than externally. And this is where analysis helps a lot.

When you are able to properly monitor your network and see what is happening, you will be in a position where you are able to take steps to solve those problems. Say you are looking at the network activity and you notice that some employees have unnecessary access to certain files or sections of the network infrastructure. You can shut down that access. It is not a personal attack against those employees, but an analytical decision where you are restricting access to only those that need to be able to see those files or bits of data. And this will improve your overall network security in a big way.