The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Pest Control Company

Unlike dealing with or controlling pests on your own, there are a lot of benefits from seeking the services of a professional pest control company. The fact of the matter is that professional pest companies are qualified and highly trained in handling with the infestation of pests and ways to deal with them. In other words, due to their understanding of pest’s behavior and areas to treat, they are well qualified for dealing with them. For this reason, it is crucial to consider the benefits of hiring a professional company as they are mentioned below.

ASAP Pest Control exterior spraying of Palm Coast home

The Cost

The cost of repairing a home that has been damaged by termite and other pests could mount up to thousands of dollars in a year compared to the fee paid to professional exterminating companies. You may end up spending only a few hundred dollars for pest control in a year, which is quite affordable compared to regular home repairs. A homeowner may not have the time to inspect his property properly for pests due to many reasons or understand the signs of an infestation. This is why having a pest control company is beneficial because they know what they are looking for.  This makes seeking the services of a professional pest company very affordable.

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The Dangers

When it comes to controlling pests, there are harmful chemicals that are used. These chemicals are poison to man. Professional companies have trained their technician’s ways to handle these toxic chemicals and the ways to apply them; may it be inside or outside the home. The good thing, however, is that many companies are going green these days, whereby they are using products that are not harmful to the homeowners as well as to the environment. If a company decides to use dangerous products, they will ensure the homeowners and their families are safe. Keep in mind that handling these hazardous chemicals without protecting yourself will not give you super powers.


There are many DIY homeowners who may not understand the methods of getting rid of some dangerous pests such as mites, rats, wasps, hornets or bees. As such, professional companies do have the knowledge and all necessary equipment to remove these pests without causing injuries to anyone around.

Maintenance Routine

It is quite evident that home support is vital not only when it comes to cleaning but also maintaining the home’s structure and even controlling pests. For this reason, it is paramount to have a professional pest control company to have a look around and in your home. If you do this, it will be a maintenance call and the company will send an experienced technician to take a look around your home and even in your home for signs of pest infestation. Without regular maintenance, you may find yourself using a lot of time and money trying to control pests. Prevention is better than cure.

Time And Efficiency

Pest control companies are not only effective but they are also efficient in what they do. The time and efficiency taken by these companies are much better compared to attempting to fix the problem on your own. This is because these companies come with their tools and equipment each and every time; making them more prepared compared to how you could handle this problem. Depending on the level of pest infestation, a company is able to complete a pest control service between one to six hours. Keep in mind that the bigger the problem, the more time they will take and the more you will pay.


The truth of the matter is that hiring a pest control company has a lot of benefits compared to dealing with rodents, termites and even insects like mentioned above. They are trained and qualified in dealing with all kinds of pests.


Motivational Monday Quote From Allen Weinstein

This morning Allen Weinstein posted his weekly Motivational Monday quote and this one in particular hit close to home. The quote goes, “Hurt only occurs if there is intent; otherwise it is a misconception.”

I know we all have been guilty at one time or another in our lives at misinterpreting something that someone might say to us. In the age of technology, I think that this has become an even greater issue. When you are having a conversation with someone in person, there are several factors that our minds calculate while we’re listening to the words that a person is saying. For example a person’s physical gestures or tone of voice can completely change the “dictionary definition” that words might have. The reason why I say this misinterpretations have increased with communicating via technology is because having a conversation via text completely eliminates a huge aspect of emotions that are involved with conversation.

Allen Weinstein explains this in a perfect manner in his latest video which we invite you to watch below. But first of all, some of you might not be familiar with Allen. Allen Weinstein is an entrepreneur from Long Island, NY and author of ‘Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire’. At 80 years of age you can imagine the lifetime of experience and wisdom that this man has to share. He went from being called “stupid” in school because he wasn’t able to read until he was 13 years old, to becoming the most successful person among his peers. Defnitely recommend visiting his site for loads more of information and inspiration:

You can also follow Allen Weinstein on:


Making Your Dream Swimming Pool a Reality

You want a dream swimming pool. In order to get it you need to hire professional contractors to help you build it.  Pool contractors can create above-ground custom pools or in-ground custom pools.
Custom pool by Agua Construction & Agua Pools

Most of the time, it is best to hire contractors for the job of building in ground pools. Your new pool will delight you and your kids. It will also add value to your home.

In ground models can be had for a variety of price points. To get the most for your money, you want to plan ahead carefully. Look at the space you have. Next, choose the size of the pool you want and the type. Basically, there are three types of in grounds to choose from.

There are fiberglass, concrete and pools that are lined with vinyl. Concrete is typically the most sought after type. This type is best suited to custom shapes and sizes. These types will usually take the longest for contractors to build and install. However, there are different methods for building and installing them, so you want to discuss this with the contractors you hire.

This is your dream pool. You have to do some work to make sure it will be installed just the way you want it.  Also, realize that it can take about 12 weeks to have a pool installed. For this reason, you will want the pool to be built well in advance of the summer months.

When thinking about getting your pool, the first thing you need to consider is what type of pool you want. A traditional pool will maintain its structural integrity and last for decades. Concrete in-ground pools are the most integral when it comes to structure, but they are also the most expensive types of pools you can get.

In ground vinyl-lined swimming pools can be punctured. For this reason, you will want to be careful if you think your pool will get lots and lots of use. Whichever type you choose, make sure it will hold up well if you live in a colder climate.

Another thing to think about it zoning. There are sometimes regulations affecting your community which will dictate what type, size and area of pool you choose. Your contractors can help you with this matter.

If you have a small backyard, you have options for pools, but you might not have as many as someone with a large backyard. Do not worry. Your builders can still create unique pools for smaller areas if this pertains to you.

Finally, work with your contractors to choose the filtration and circulation systems you will use in the pool. Ask about any extras for your pool like a slide or diving board.

Custom pool by Agua Construction & Agua Pools

Now that you are seriously thinking about details, contact your qualified contractor now so you and your family can enjoy that first dip in your very own pool on that first hot, summer day of the season. You will enjoy many years of use from your pool and it will feel like a dream come true, too.


The Truth About Learning To Tattoo

Just like with any other art, if you want to learn how to tattoo you have to undergo an apprenticeship with an experienced tattoo artist. This will not only enable you to learn the basic tattooing techniques, but also enable you to get feedback on your work so you can improve your skills. Before you try to get an apprenticeship, however, you have to develop your drawing skills since being able to draw is a basic talent that every tattoo artist must have. If you feel your art skills are not developed enough, you might want to take some drawing classes at a local college first.

Then you need to prepare a portfolio that you will show to potential mentors. This portfolio should include a substantial number of samples of your work to show off what you can do. These samples should not be simple drawings but fully colored and completed pieces of art that will demonstrate what your tattoo designs will actually look like; they should also be signed as proof that they were done by you. Make the samples as varied as possible to demonstrate that you can be versatile and handle a range of designs. Presentation is also important so your portfolio should be in a professional-looking artist’s leather case with a zipper rather than a three-ring binder; the samples should also be protected by being placed in a protective plastic sleeve.

Now that you have a portfolio, you can find a mentor who will teach you how to tattoo. Visit various tattoo shops and show around your portfolio. Focus on shops that have a good reputation with their clients, and who have tattoo artists with at least five years of experience. You will have to be persistent and patient, since it may take you some time to find a tattoo artist who will agree to an apprenticeship.

The most important consideration when choosing a mentor is to find one that you will get along with. Obviously you will want an accomplished tattoo artist to guide you, but if you don’t feel comfortable with each other then you obviously will not learn anything from him; in fact, you may not even complete your apprenticeship. Keep in mind that you will be working closely with this person for an extended period of time.

Another consideration is money. While you may be lucky enough to find a mentor who will take you as an apprentice for free, the majority of them will charge you a fee that can be as much as thousands of dollars. Beware of tattoo artists who will take your money without giving you anything of value; find one who will give you value for money by giving you the education you need to become a professional.

Once you have found a mentor, you should adjust your expectations before you start your apprenticeship. While you might want to immediately plunge into the more artistic aspects such as making stencils, you will have to master the technical aspects of tattooing first. This includes learning how to operate, maintain and sterilize the tattoo machines as well as how to avoid infection and safely dispose of contaminated materials. And of course, for a time you will have to do the scut work such as cleaning up around the shop and running chores.

For basic techniques you can also purchase DVD tutorials, watch videos on youtube, or online tutorials such as the one here:


Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Not only does cinnamon and honey taste amazing (at least we think so), but it also has many health benefits that most of us aren’t aware of.

cinnamon and honey

A mixture of cinnamon and honey has been found to benefit and sometimes fully cure some of the following diseases:

Bladder Infections

A warm glass of water with two tablespoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey helps to kill the germs in the bladder.


Taking a warm tablespoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon for three days is perfect for battling colds, coughs, and sinus problems.

Immune System

Improve your body’s immune system by taking a daily dose of honey and cinnamon. This will strengthen the white blood cells to fight evil bacteria and viral diseases.


Creative Room Dividers for Your Home Or Office Space

Have you ever wanted to divide a space without the need of hiring a construction crew and paying lots of money to do permanent remodeling? There are lots of ways that you can manage your home or business space and get creative at the same time. Here are a few ideas that we found…

1. Recycling Old Doors

Connecting three old doors to make this awesome and movable room divider.

Old Doors as room divider

2. Recycling Old Windows

Dividing your space by hanging old windows and a unique touch.

Recyling old windows as room divider

3. Ikea Hanging Room Dividers

For a little more of a contemporary look.

Ikea hanging room divider

4. Moving Bookshelf Room Divider

How cool are these moveable bookcase walls? Simply awesome!

Moving Bookshelf room divider

5. Marble Room Divider

Definitely not an inexpensive option, but look how stunning this looks…

Marble room divider

If you are in the NYC area, we recommend the following company for any custom temporary walls and room dividers you might need:


Top Ways Men Get Under Women’s Skin

Guess it goes both ways, we’re sure guys have a list of their own on the most annoying things we women do to irritate them. But this is not about them, ha! This is about our moment of speaking our mind!

Annoyed woman

So here we go…

Top 10 things guys do that drive women bonkers (in a bad way)!

1. Using your phone while out on a dinner date.

Come on now, I think on a date a girl deserves to get a guy’s full attention. No?

2. Saying that we look “okay”

Might as well just tell us the truth. “Okay” is simply not a compliment and is just a way of saying that we could look better.

3. Too much referring to ex-girlfriends.

Thanks, but we don’t need to be hearing about your ex all the time. Just shows that she is still in your head maybe too much.

4. Muffin top grabbing

We already hate these areas of our body, please don’t make us more self conscious about them.

5. Being late to their own plans.

Come on, if you’re going to take the initiative to plan something at a specific time, at least be on time for your own plans.

6. Leaving to toilet seat up!

Pretty self explanatory.

7. Taking longer than us to get ready.

Yes, us girls tend to take a little longer to get ready, but we have more to deal with… hair, makeup, nails, more body parts to shave, etc.. There’s no reason for guys to take longer than us to take care of their male grooming and get dressed.

8. Making assumptions

Didn’t you learn in elementary school not to assume?

9. Not holding doors open

Not just for us. Holding a door open for someone is simply common courtesy.

10. Dishonesty

Nobody like dishonest people, PERIOD!


Well those are our top 10. We’re sure there are PLENTY more. In fact you can see a list of 87 things here:


Time To #CheckYourSelfie

It’s never too early to be aware of the importance of self examination. As young adults, most of us feel like we’re immune to everything, but the reality is far from the truth. We found this great video from now 21 year old, Jennifer Rozze, who found a lump in her breast at just 17 years old.

If you have time to take a #selfie, you have time to #checkyourselfie!


Halloween Pumpkin Carving for All You Frozen Fans

In the spirit of Halloween and with the great popularity of Disney’s Frozen, why not carve an awesome pumpkin of Elsa? Great activity for you to enjoy with your little princesses.

Here’s a video we found showing all the necessary tools and steps to create a beautiful finished product. Happy Halloween!

Here are some other cool jack-o-lanterns we found…


Living The Life of a Gangster

Not that we’re in favor of crime and gangsters, but we must admit that there definitely is something a little cool about being able to say that you live in the house formerly owned by notorious gangster, Al Capone! No? And it is not even going to cost you and arm and a leg!

According to CBS Chicago…

A house recently put up for sale in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood looks like any other red, brick-built structure you’ll see across the city, but this 2-flat is special — it belonged to Al Capone.

Yes, the home that the infamous gangster Al Capone lived in is on the market. For a measly $225,000, you could own a piece of Chicago history.

Al Capone home in Chicago

(Photo Credit: RE/MAX Signature Homes)

And this is just a funny video we found that somebody made…