Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey

Not only does cinnamon and honey taste amazing (at least we think so), but it also has many health benefits that most of us aren’t aware of.

cinnamon and honey

A mixture of cinnamon and honey has been found to benefit and sometimes fully cure some of the following diseases:

Bladder Infections

A warm glass of water with two tablespoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey helps to kill the germs in the bladder.


Taking a warm tablespoon of honey with 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon for three days is perfect for battling colds, coughs, and sinus problems.

Immune System

Improve your body’s immune system by taking a daily dose of honey and cinnamon. This will strengthen the white blood cells to fight evil bacteria and viral diseases.

Creative Room Dividers for Your Home Or Office Space

Have you ever wanted to divide a space without the need of hiring a construction crew and paying lots of money to do permanent remodeling? There are lots of ways that you can manage your home or business space and get creative at the same time. Here are a few ideas that we found…

1. Recycling Old Doors

Connecting three old doors to make this awesome and movable room divider.

Old Doors as room divider

2. Recycling Old Windows

Dividing your space by hanging old windows and a unique touch.

Recyling old windows as room divider

3. Ikea Hanging Room Dividers

For a little more of a contemporary look.

Ikea hanging room divider

4. Moving Bookshelf Room Divider

How cool are these moveable bookcase walls? Simply awesome!

Moving Bookshelf room divider

5. Marble Room Divider

Definitely not an inexpensive option, but look how stunning this looks…

Marble room divider

If you are in the NYC area, we recommend the following company for any custom temporary walls and room dividers you might need:

Top Ways Men Get Under Women’s Skin

Guess it goes both ways, we’re sure guys have a list of their own on the most annoying things we women do to irritate them. But this is not about them, ha! This is about our moment of speaking our mind!

Annoyed woman

So here we go…

Top 10 things guys do that drive women bonkers (in a bad way)!

1. Using your phone while out on a dinner date.

Come on now, I think on a date a girl deserves to get a guy’s full attention. No?

2. Saying that we look “okay”

Might as well just tell us the truth. “Okay” is simply not a compliment and is just a way of saying that we could look better.

3. Too much referring to ex-girlfriends.

Thanks, but we don’t need to be hearing about your ex all the time. Just shows that she is still in your head maybe too much.

4. Muffin top grabbing

We already hate these areas of our body, please don’t make us more self conscious about them.

5. Being late to their own plans.

Come on, if you’re going to take the initiative to plan something at a specific time, at least be on time for your own plans.

6. Leaving to toilet seat up!

Pretty self explanatory.

7. Taking longer than us to get ready.

Yes, us girls tend to take a little longer to get ready, but we have more to deal with… hair, makeup, nails, more body parts to shave, etc.. There’s no reason for guys to take longer than us to take care of their male grooming and get dressed.

8. Making assumptions

Didn’t you learn in elementary school not to assume?

9. Not holding doors open

Not just for us. Holding a door open for someone is simply common courtesy.

10. Dishonesty

Nobody like dishonest people, PERIOD!


Well those are our top 10. We’re sure there are PLENTY more. In fact you can see a list of 87 things here:

Time To #CheckYourSelfie

It’s never too early to be aware of the importance of self examination. As young adults, most of us feel like we’re immune to everything, but the reality is far from the truth. We found this great video from now 21 year old, Jennifer Rozze, who found a lump in her breast at just 17 years old.

If you have time to take a #selfie, you have time to #checkyourselfie!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving for All You Frozen Fans

In the spirit of Halloween and with the great popularity of Disney’s Frozen, why not carve an awesome pumpkin of Elsa? Great activity for you to enjoy with your little princesses.

Here’s a video we found showing all the necessary tools and steps to create a beautiful finished product. Happy Halloween!

Here are some other cool jack-o-lanterns we found…

Living The Life of a Gangster

Not that we’re in favor of crime and gangsters, but we must admit that there definitely is something a little cool about being able to say that you live in the house formerly owned by notorious gangster, Al Capone! No? And it is not even going to cost you and arm and a leg!

According to CBS Chicago…

A house recently put up for sale in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood looks like any other red, brick-built structure you’ll see across the city, but this 2-flat is special — it belonged to Al Capone.

Yes, the home that the infamous gangster Al Capone lived in is on the market. For a measly $225,000, you could own a piece of Chicago history.

Al Capone home in Chicago

(Photo Credit: RE/MAX Signature Homes)

And this is just a funny video we found that somebody made…